The South African Fynbos® range of herbs and seasonings that is putting Fynbos flavours on the culinary map is the initiative of Fynbos farmer Giselle Courtney in the Wellington Wine Valley of the Western Cape.

"By cooking with ancient indigenous flavours we deepen our connection to our South African identity. My wish is that Fynbos is recognized as our culinary tradition and ultimately takes its place amongst the herbs of the world. It's important not only from a botanical standpoint, but also from a psychological one. Our edible indigenous plants are our core connection to the land." 



Giselle specializes in corporate diversity and change management based on the concept of biophilia, a human's inclination to want to connect with nature.

Her background is in organisational development, bespoke workshop design and delivery. 

"Fynbos is the ideal metaphor for South Africans: we are as diverse as this indigenous plant family at the southern tip of Africa, yet are rooted in the same landscape. We share a deep sense of place and the ability to renew, making our society one of the leaders in adaptability and innovation, like the Fynbos biome."

Giselle Courtney

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