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A warm welcome to a self-guided Fynbos Tasting.

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I am Giselle Courtney, creator of the The South African Fynbos® range of herbs and seasonings and the Cape Town Fynbos Experience®. I'm going to lead you through a sensory immersion in the unique Fynbos flavours found only at the southern tip of Africa

Our in-house Fynbos Flavour Wheel is our guide to the flavour profiles of eleven edible Fynbos species and their scientific make-up. In total, there are approximately 7000 species of plants in the Fynbos family. It's this diversity that makes the Fynbos biome so fascinating and is the reason that the Cape Floristic Region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Iconic Table Mountain is at the centre of this biodiversity hotspot.

Fynbos Herb & Salt Tasting

Fynbos Herbal Tea Tasting