Leaves & Twigs - Mint pelargonium
Leaves & Twigs - Mint pelargonium
Leaves & Twigs - Mint pelargonium

Leaves & Twigs - Mint pelargonium

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CONTENTS - Dried Mint pelargonium leaves - Pelargonium tomentosum

FLAVOUR PROFILE - COOLING - intense mint & notes of geranium

Makes 60-80 small pots/mugs of herbal tea (300 ml)

MAKE - syrups & cordials, cakes & bakes, digestifs & cocktails, culinary herbs, tea infusions, vinaigrettes and infused water. 

COCKTAIL INFUSIONS - add South African Fynbos® Leaves & Twigs to plain gin, vodka, brandy, rum or whiskey and infuse for five days. Remove the botanical and use as a base for truly South African cocktails.  

VINEGAR INFUSION - infuse South African Fynbos Leaves & Twigs in white wine vinegar and use for vinaigrettes, marinades and pickling three weeks later. Leave the botanical in the vinegar as the flavour keeps developing. Add a dash to Fynbos cocktails to accentuate the flavours. 

CAKES & BAKES - pairs well with white chocolate truffles, gooey brownies and zesty vanilla cupcakes. Blitz sugar and dried Mint pelargonium leaves together to infuse flavours and make icings, meringues and frostings. Infuse cream or milk to make puddings and tarts. Add crushed leaves to batter to infuse sponges. GUIDE TO USING EDIBLE FYNBOS – South African Fynbos

AS A SEASONING - cooling Mint pelargonium adds a minty-geranium vibrancy to zucchini fritters, lentil-feta salad, cucumber ribbons, bulgur mushroom salad, goat’s cheese couscous, pear and walnut salad, cream cheese brioche and cocktail rissoles.

HERBAL TEA - intense minty notes with a geranium undertone. 

BATHING APOTHECARY - crush three leaves in half a cup of mineral rich sea salt to make an aromatic soak or scrub. 

REVITALIZERS - spray body with naturally astringent Mint pelargonium infusion to revitalize and tone the skin. Add 330ml of freshly boiled water to three leaves and bottle when cool. 

SCENT SACHETS - this is the refill for our Scent Sachets - freshen linen drawers or slip under the pillow for a fragrant sleep experience Scent Sachet - Mint pelargonium – South African Fynbos

Packaging: Large A-frame Packet 19x13x7 cm