Gift Box - Culinary Fynbos - Rhino bush

Gift Box - Culinary Fynbos - Rhino bush

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CONTENTS - Rhino bush Culinary Herb, Seasoning Salt and Tea Infusion

INGREDIENTS - Dicerothamnus rhinocerotis

FLAVOUR PROFILE - PINEY with notes of resin

SEASON grilled rib-eye, Karoo lamb, picanha and pork kebabs. Add to wok-seared chilli-garlic cabbage, grilled mushrooms, arancini, risotto, bitterballen and croque monsieurs.

STOCK - steep herbs in freshly boiled water to make a strong stock for sauces, soups, poaching liquid and stews.

INFUSED OILS - simmer herbs gently in a quality culinary oil to release flavour and use immediately for stir-fries, pasta e olio, roasting and braising. 

HERB BUTTER - spread on warm ciabatta; melt over seared meats and veggies.

CAKES & BAKES - blend a heaped teaspoon of herbs with sugar in a food processor or by hand with a mortar and pestle to release the aromatics. Make traditional South African rusks with your favourite recipe. For a savoury option season cheesy onion muffin dough just before baking.

COCKTAILS & DIGESTIFS - infuse a level teaspoon of herbs in 250ml brandy, vodka, whiskey or gin for three weeks. Use in sauces and for flambés.

VINAIGRETTE - create vinegar tinctures for vinaigrettes, marinades and pickling juice by steeping herbs in apple-cider or white wine vinegar for three weeks. Infused Rooibos is sweet with floral notes. One level teaspoon for every 250ml.

TRADITIONAL CORDIAL - simmer herbs with sugar, water and lemon juice till it has the consistency of a syrup. Use as a base for Fynbos inspired cocktails or dilute with spring water for a zesty cooldrink.