It's so easy to become a FYNBOS-foodie

It's easy to learn to cook with the aromatic Fynbos flavours from the southern tip of Africa using our in-house FYNBOS FLAVOUR WHEEL.

The Cape Floristic Region is so rich in plant diversity that it's a World Heritage Site. Table Mountain is at the geographical centre of approximately 7000 Fynbos species. 

Our in-house FYNBOS FLAVOUR WHEEL categorizes eleven edible species according to their dominant flavour profile and provides meal pairing suggestions for these unique indigenous herbs. 

Rooibos is the most well known edible Fynbos species and is consumed mainly as a health tea. It is predominantly FRUITY with hints of caramel and rosehip. Refer to the FYNBOS FLAVOUR WHEEL for meal ideas and see our complete culinary range available as a Fynbos Kitchen Kit Fynbos Foodie Kitchen Kit - 22 items – South African Fynbos.